Dog toys are an extraordinary invention: in fact, animals need to move both at home and outside, so a good idea to keep them active and to entertain them is to provide them with pastimes with which they can entertain.

PLEASE NOTE: It is always wise to remember that a bored dog is never a happy dog!

Many toys, however, have quite high costs so to make them have fun without spending too much money we can develop our creativity by giving life to homemade toys especially for them.

There are some precautions to always keep in mind when we start our experiment: toys must absolutely and in no way harm our pet, and for this reason it is important to consider some factors.

1.- When creating toys for the dog, you must choose resistant materials that are not swallowed: if the toy breaks while the dog is using it, it could cut itself, or it could swallow parts with the risk of causing asphyxiation or obstruction intestinal.

2.-Always make sure that the edges are regular and that none of them are raised: in this way we are sure to avoid cuts.

VERY IMPORTANT EXAMPLE: Many dog owners leave their pets with plastic bottles to play with, however over time they break and the rough edges can cause injuries on the cheeks or gums!

3.- Use non-toxic materials.

4.- Pay attention to the size of the toy we want to create, especially to prevent it from swallowing it.

5.- Try to create simple and clear games that are suited to his abilities, avoiding frustrating him.

6.-The toys that are created should neither frighten nor excite him excessively, so it is important to pay attention to the dog’s reactions (especially if the noises make him nervous), and if this happens, choose a toy that does not lead him to have these reactions.

Ball with stickers

This is an option suitable for small dogs, as the large ones would destroy it in a short time.

First of all you have to make sure that the dog does not ingest the glue of the stickers: in this regard it is advisable to make a ball large enough not to enter his mouth.

Another option is to cover the ball with fabric or wool. If you have stickers (such as those used for notebooks or containers) try to make a ball roughly the size of a tennis ball and make it as compact as possible to make it heavier.

Plastic tube covered with fabric

Use a long enough tube, fill it with balls and line it with fabric, making sure to sew the edges well to prevent the balls from falling out and rolling it. Your dog will start playing with it immediately.

Box with surprise

This DIY toy should only be tried if your dog doesn’t eat paper.

It works like this: you wrap some treats in pieces of paper and put them in a box with other pieces of paper that do not contain any surprises. Entertainment is guaranteed.

Ice with surprise

To be prepared if your dog has no aversion to water or cold things in general, and if you don’t mind too much, clean up after a possible disaster!

Procedure: put some broth in the freezer with pieces of meat or chicken in it: many dogs like to play with ice, and if it tastes like their favorite dish even better!

We will explore other types of games in the next articles, but the ideas with which to indulge are not few. For example, you can make chewable toys out of pieces of old clothes (if you know how to sew well). The possibilities are endless!

Let’s work with needle and thread and see you in the next post! 🙂

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